Frasers Property certifies four local assets with benchmark Wiredscore digital connectivity

This success indicates that all four buildings have a robust online facilities allowing lessees to use trusted and efficient connection resources. Every real property even comes with at least 4 high-speed web service providers and a landlord-owned fiber support, enabling the quick release of data services along with minimizing tenant installment time.

Real estate giant Frasers Property has already certified 4 Singapore assets with Wiredscore Platinum accreditation. The structures that have already achieved this very high proof for their entire digital features as well as smart building campaigns are Frasers Tower, Alexandra Point, along with Alexandra Technopark Block An also Block B.

Wiredscore says just seven structures in Singapore have achieved its Platinum certification for online connectivity. Keppel Bay Tower, Paya Lebar Green South as well as Shaw Tower are the other properties.

” The WiredScore Platinum certifications are a testimony to our strong furthermore continuous efforts in including the highest standard of digital facilities in our commercial properties,” states Jack Lam, Frasers Property Singapore’s principal running official of business.

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He adds that this effort straightens with the team’s course to reimage using work areas via development and also digitalisation. “We aim to establish greater standards in the built environment with innovative, inclusive, and sustainable areas as well as options across our enhancements.”

The firm’s organization unit, Frasers Property Singapore, takes care of the four real estates. Wiredscore is a worldwide benchmark and also certification that identifies best-in-class online facilities capabilities in structures.

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